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Email marketing by Tele-mail
  • Real Time Automated Call Transfers

    Tele-mail connects your marketing and sales with one CRM E-mail Marketing Software platform. Real time call transfers are triggered by recipient actions like open or link click, which immediately calls the sales team, announces who opened/clicked from a campaign, and bridges the call to the recipient. This dramatcally increases contact time and lead conversions for any organization trying to reach decision makers.
  • Precise Calculated Call Triggering = Increased Revenue

    Tele-mail campaigns can be triggered with precise timing rules like 2 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day after opening an E-mail or clicking a link. The sales team can now contact prospects when they are available and interested in real time. There is no other technology that provides such powerful insight tied to an automated dialing system.
  • Marketing Software with Powerful Features

    Tele-mail Email marketing software is a powerful CRM software system packed with features to make your marketing a breeze! Our web based software is turnkey on day one, minimizing the need for IT support. Our advanced features and scalable platform can be used by marketing novices or experts within large organizations with high E-mail volume in excess of 1 Million per day and reps in excess of 300! Call us today to test drive our marketing platform.

Demo version of application here:

Live Democlick here
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Email marketing by Tele-mail